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Welcome to PA TRAC!

Pennsylvania has statewide agreements and policies to help students easily transfer academic credit from one PA TRAC college or university to another.

Participating PA TRAC Colleges

The Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) benefits students transferring to Pennsylvania's 14 community colleges and 14 state universities, as well as several state-related and private colleges. Use the Search for College Profiles to learn about each college and find the one that is right for you. Learn More

30-Credit Transfer Framework

The 30-Credit Transfer Framework is a menu of foundation courses that transfer seamlessly among the participating PA TRAC colleges and count toward nearly any degree program. Framework courses are good choices for all students, but especially for students who are undecided about a major or transfer institution. Learn More

Statewide Program-to-Program (P2P) Articulation

Statewide P2P Articulation allows students with certain associate degrees to transfer to participating PA TRAC colleges with junior standing, receive at least 60 credits toward a matching bachelor’s degree, and enter advanced coursework in the major. This type of articulation provides a direct pathway from an associate degree to a bachelor degree in most majors. Learn More

PA TRAC Tools & Resources

Use these tools and resources to find a transfer institution, explore your transfer options at PA TRAC colleges, and so much more!

  • Search for Course Equivalencies

    Search for Course Equivalencies

    Find out how coursework transfers to the participating PA TRAC colleges. You also can use this search to find Framework courses offered by the PA TRAC colleges.

  • Search College Profiles

    Search College Profiles

    Search for participating PA TRAC colleges based on major, size and location and then view profiles of colleges that interest you. A College Profile includes general college information, transfer application requirements/deadlines, transfer credit policies and contact information. Only participating colleges have profiles on PA TRAC.

  • Search for Programs

    Search for Programs

    Explore majors and degree programs offered by the participating PA TRAC colleges.

  • Search for Statewide P2P Agreements

    Search for Statewide P2P Agreements

    Find associate degrees that transfer as the first 60 credits of bachelor degrees at participating PA TRAC colleges.

  • Search for Exam Equivalencies

    Search for Exam Equivalencies

    Find credit by exam accepted at participating PA TRAC colleges.

  • Search for Courses

    Search for Courses

    The Search for Courses allows you to find all courses offered at PA TRAC colleges. This can be a valuable tool when you want to take a course at another college during the summer.

  • Pennsylvania CareerZone

    Pennsylvania CareerZone

    Pennsylvania CareerZone is a free interactive website that helps you to assess your interests, explore careers and plan your postsecondary education.

Note: PA TRAC is a tool to help plan your transfer and should be used with the information and support you receive from your transfer counselor or advisor at the participating PA TRAC colleges and universities.