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Statewide Program-to-Program (P2P) Articulation Agreements allow students at PA TRAC colleges to transition seamlessly from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree in similar programs of study.


There are many benefits to Statewide P2P Agreements.

  • They provide direct pathways into popular majors at four-year PA TRAC colleges.
  • Associate degree students can transfer seamlessly into bachelor's degrees in the same program of study.
  • Associate degree graduates have transfer options all across Pennsylvania.


  • Two- and four-year PA TRAC colleges use Statewide P2P Agreements to align certain associate degrees with the first 60 credits of bachelor’s degrees in popular programs of study.
  • PA TRAC colleges identify in the Statewide P2P Database which associate degrees lead to which bachelor’s degrees for each program of study.
  • A student graduates from a PA TRAC college with the appropriate associate degree for their program of study and applies for admission to a PA TRAC college with the parallel bachelor’s degree.
  • Upon acceptance, the student has junior standing, has at least 60 credits applied toward graduation in the parallel bachelor’s degree, and is permitted to enter advanced coursework in the major.


Associate-to-Bachelor's degree pathways are established for these popular programs of study at PA TRAC colleges:

Not all PA TRAC colleges and universities offer the same degree programs or refer to their programs by the same name. For example, one community college may offer an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice while another offers an Associate of Science degree in Criminology.

Use the Search for Statewide P2P Agreements to find associate degrees that lead to bachelor’s degrees for your intended major and PA TRAC college.



  • Statewide P2P Agreements do not guarantee admission to a PA TRAC college or the intended major. The admissions and transfer credit policies for each PA TRAC college can be found on each College Profile.
  • The P2P associate degree must include a minimum of 60 college-level credits designed and acceptable for transfer, not including developmental or remedial courses or career, technical or applied courses.
  • The transfer of coursework with a grade less than a C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) will be consistent with the policies of native students at the receiving PA TRAC institution.
  • Statewide P2P benefits students transferring specific associate degrees into matching bachelor’s degrees. It does not apply to students transferring without an associate degree, transferring into a different major, or transferring to a non-PA TRAC college.

Contact an advisor at your current or your transfer college to discuss your specific transfer options and see if a Statewide P2P Agreement may benefit you.