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Statewide Program-to-Program Articulation Agreement Process

Statewide Program-to-Program (P2P) Articulation
Statewide P2P agreements effective Fall 2012:
Statewide P2P agreements effective Fall 2013:
Statewide P2P agreements effective Fall 2014:



Pennsylvania's Public School Code of 1949 requires the colleges and universities that participate in the commonwealth's Statewide College Credit Transfer System to develop agreements that will allow students to transfer full Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees into parallel bachelor degree programs at the participating institutions with junior standing.
Development of these statewide program-to-program articulation agreements began April 30, 2010, with the launch of three pilot articulation projects in Mathematics, Psychology and PreK-4 Education. In February 2011, new committees consisting of faculty and personnel from the participating institutions were charged with developing similar agreements in additional fields of study. Representatives from the participating institutions will continue to develop agreements each semester until all of the programs of study identified by the statewide Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee have an articulated pathway from an AA or AS degree into a bachelor degree.

The new statewide articulation agreements will be implemented in phases.  Agreements adopted prior to August 31, 2011 will be effective Fall 2012.  Agreements adopted between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012 will be effective by Fall 2013.  See above.
During the transition to the effective dates of the various statewide program-to-program agreements, the participating institutions will strive to be student-centered and make the transfer of credits as seamless as possible for students. 

Statewide Articulation Process

The Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee (TAOC) developed the process and timeline for implementing statewide program-to-program articulation agreements. Specific information about the current articulation model is available in the Pennsylvania’s Statewide Articulation Toolkit.

Program Articulation Committees 
Program Articulation Committees (PACs) are responsible for developing statewide articulation agreements in fields of study identified by TAOC. Each PAC includes faculty and personnel from participating institutions with degree programs in the PAC’s assigned field of study. Learn more about each PAC.